Alpine Radio wishes to acknowledge and thank News Corp Australia and the Foundation for Rural & Regional  Renewal (FRRR) for a

News Corp Bushfire Recovery Program


awarded through the partnership between News Corp and FRRR.

The $6,000 grant awarded to Alpine Radio will help the radio station build capacity to support business development and local services continuity by enhancing the marketing capability of the station.

FRRR, in partnership with News Corp Australia, has awarded $368,386 to support 21 projects across the country that will help in the recovery of rural, regional and remote communities impacted by the summer bushfires.

Funded through the News Corp Bushfire Recovery Program, these grants, which are up to $25,000 each, will help address a diverse range of needs including improving social connectedness, enhancing community spirit and increasing community preparedness.

Photo by Jack Bassingthwaite on Unsplash