Alpine FM depends on the financial support of its members and sponsors, along with donations and grants. Sponsor promoting messages are broadcasted as thanks to our sponsors. Financial support from the public keeps us on the airwaves; thank-you!

​We have developed a number of sponsorship offers (i.e. business promoting sponsor message packages) and sponsor brackets (i.e. bronze, silver, gold) suitable for all types of businesses. We can produce sponsorship messages for your business from concept to complete production; script, voice over, sound effects and jingles.

Only 5 minutes of sponsorship announcements can be broadcast in each hour. The standard time for each announcement is 30 seconds.

Community Announcements

A community announcement is a message that is used purely to inform Alpine FM listeners, with no financial gain from the organiser of the message. 

Community service announcements (CSA) by not-for-profit organisations and clubs are free, and live-read by our presenters.

Alpine FM reserves the right to determine what constitutes a Community Announcement and whether any costs may be involved with the airing of any message.

Sponsorship Enquiries

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