​R U OK? is calling on Australians to include staying connected in their daily routine as they deal with the lasting impact of the Coronavirus.

R U OK? CEO, Katherine Newton says the virus has affected everyone in some way and we all need to actively seek ways to connect, and in some cases reconnect, with those in our world who might be struggling.

“The pandemic has inspired some wonderful examples of how caring our community can be and we need to hold on to that because that sense of genuine care and concern can be life changing for those grappling with the impact of recent events.

“Some people find change pretty scary,” said Ms Newton. “Many might be feeling disconnected from day to day life, have new financial and employment pressures, added family stressors, be physically unwell, or experiencing heightened levels of anxiety.

To #StayConnected:

• Create a list:

Think about who in your world, personal or professional, near or far who might be struggling.

• Dedicate the time:

Make ‘time to ask’ as part of your daily routine.

• Choose your channel:

Communicate in way that works for you both: make a phone call, send an SMS, video call, email or, if you can meet in person you might want to chat over the fence, go for a walk together or catch up for a cuppa.

If you need guidance on how to support someone, visit


If you need support or know someone who does, visit


for professional support services and self-care tools.

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