Happy Birthday

to us!!!

Alpine Radio

officially had it’s 15th birthday on the 23rd August 2018 – our first broadcast was on 23rd August 2003.

What a huge month – and

Glenn Spencer

celebrated a terrific milestone on Wednesday 22nd August with his

350th edition of “Rock n Blues”

.   During the 8 years since he started presenting, Glenn spent (or mis-spent) 2100 hours on air, played approx 21,775 songs, 262 feature albums played in full and 121 feature songs.  And that doesn’t count the preparation time!  Now Glenn’s eating habits on a Wednesday night are NOT the healthiest… for example he has consumed 1,050 Choccy bars including 250 double dip Cherry Ripes, plus 350 stubbies of ginger beer and 700 cups of tea using 1,400 tea bags consumed.  It’s not true that the Treasurer wants to bill him for the tea bags!! 🙂